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Karen Facini

I represent the business sector in town. I've been living in Ridgefield on and of for over 22 years. When my son was 11 years old he was approached by an older young man at Planet Pizza and asked if he would like to smoke a joint. He came home and told me and I began to research organizations that help with prevention and was introduce by a friend to RPC.

Brian Nash

Brian has been a Ridgefield resident since 2006 where he resides with his son Colin. He has been an active member of the community where he has volunteered and coached youth football, baseball and basketball for the last 8 years. Brian's passion for helping others led him to join the Ridgefield Prevention Council, to give back to his community and help to promote a safe and healthy environment for all families through awareness, education, and positive alternatives to alcohol and other substances.

LouAnn Daprato

I represent the business community in town. I've lived in Ridgefield for 33 years. I became involved in the Prevention Council when Karen hijacked me. I volunteered for years for their events and the next thing you know here I am.

Siera Fregosi

I represent the citizen sector in town. I wanted to join RPC to rectify the issues I experienced when I was at RHS. After I earned my Bachelors Degree I realized I can use my education in social media, politics, and marketing to assist RPC. Dealing with addiction around you on a daily basis while in high school drained me but also created a mind set I could make a difference. 

Tina Malhotra

I represent the parent, government, citizen, and youth serving organizations in town. I've lived in Ridgefield for 8 years. Growing up with a family involved in the medical community the discussion of substance abuse has alway been a topic in my home. As I raise my own child I wanted to be involved in community that supported the prevention of abuse at all levels. 

Kim Carone

I represent the parent and citizen sector in town. I've lived in Ridgefield for 10 years. I wanted to became a part of the Prevention Council because after years of addiction, I lost my brother to a drug overdose in 2015. I'd like to do all I can to educate our youth on the dangers out there, and to prevent them from going down the same path.

Sarah Lorenzini

I represent the parent and other substance abuse organization sectors. I have lived in Ridgefield on and off for 25 years. I want to be in RPC because my kids are growing up here and I want them and all the other children (and adults) to have safe and healthy outlets. And I also believe that we need to destigmatize addiction and understand it is a disease. Every person copes with life's struggles in their own way, what we have an opportunity to do is help them have healthy coping skills, and strategies.

Carol Ann Sganga

I represent the parent sector. I have lived in Ridgefield for 47 years. As a life long Ridgefield resident, it is imporatnt to me to give back to the cummunity.

Sean McEvoy

I represent the parent, schools and government sector. I've lived in Ridgefield for 21 years. I wanted to join as BOE liaison to the RPC because my family, like so many others has felt the impact of substance abuse.

Bhargavi Ramamurthy

Debra Hopke

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